The Record Publicity Photos

Last year, our local newspaper The Record contacted us about our Kickstarter for Unending Praise. They interviewed us for an article and took some photos (almost exactly a year ago). We’ve been using some of these photos throughout our pages and materials but thought we’d share the rest for “Throwback Thursday” today! Unfortunately our fourth member Charles wasn’t available for the shoot that day… But click the image below to see the gallery for yourself on our Facebook page. And it’d be great if you guys can continue to share our Facebook page to help us get to 200 likes! We’re planning on some more giveaways and free things to give out before Christmas!


It’s Been Half A Year!

Half a year ago, we released our debut album Unending Praise thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012. We’ve been so grateful for the privilege to make music that leads people to sing to the God of our salvation. We thought of commemorating the release of our album with our friends at Frame It (above) and couldn’t be happier!

Help us celebrate by grabbing a copy of Unending Praise if you haven’t done so already! Head over to our Store, iTunes, Amazon, and others to download.

From March 19th to today, September 19th, thanks for all your continued support – time really flies! We hope to join you (yes, you!) again and bring unending praise to Jesus together!

The Record Newspaper Article (Part 2)

Last time we asked if you guys could help spread the word about Unending Praise… Well, our friends at The Record newspaper put in a friendly plug to their local north NJ readers!

If you remember from last year, The Record interviewed us about our Kickstarter campaign that helped fund our debut album. We were really encouraged that they put us as the cover photo, and yesterday they were kind enough to put in a quick piece about Unending Praise’s release.

Since it was in yesterday’s newspaper, you won’t be able to see for yourself unless you happened to grab The Record yesterday (sorry for the late notice!). But check out the quick shot above from our Instagram!

Thanks Kickstarter Backers!

In September 2012 we embarked on a journey to raise funds for our debut album Unending Praise. We launched a Kickstarter campaign that ended successfully two months later in November.

Today we remember all our supporters and backers as we send out the last of the rewards. It’s bittersweet because we’ve run out of ways to show our appreciation! But from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being such a major part of this album! The final batch of rewards (your t-shirts) is on its way…

But even though we don’t have any more rewards to send out, we hope you can still find joy in the worship music we’ve made to truly glorify Jesus together. What an honor it is to get to know an everlasting God who deserves our unending praise!

Kickstarter Digital Rewards

We’re just about done sending out the last of our Kickstarter digital rewards to those who qualified for early downloads. We can’t believe we’re only days away until the release of Unending Praise! And who else could we share our album with a few days early besides our Kickstarter backers? So if you reached that reward tier on our Kickstarter, be sure to check your inboxes for the link. If for some reason you haven’t received yours yet, let us know!

Next up are the actual CDs and t-shirts. We’ll be shipping those out soon – thanks for all your patience! We hope these digital downloads can hold you over until then. Feel free to send us a message back through Kickstarter with your thoughts! We’d love to hear what you think of the album.

Thanks for all your support through this whole process, everyone!

Kickstarter Thank You Videos

Uploading Kickstarter Thank You Videos

Uploading Kickstarter Thank You Videos

We’re currently uploading a massive collection of thank you videos for all you awesome Kickstarter backers! Back in November 2012, we set a goal to raise funds to record our debut album (which is releasing next month, actually!) and because of you, we were able to meet that goal!

Many of you qualified for a personal video from us, so we’re sending those out to you today! Check your inboxes for something special – and the rest of the goodies will be on their way shortly! Thanks for your patience. We’re looking forward to continuing more song blogs with you this week.