Here I Stand

There is freedom found in God’s presence (2 Corinthians 3:17). So we have this song, “Here I Stand”, that proclaims our longing to be in His midst, to be with Him, and to be in His arms.

It’s not an easy task following after Jesus. But something as simple as saying that you want to is a big step of faith.

“Here I Stand” was actually a last minute song as we were finalizing the tracking for the album. It was a little too late to do a full band version, so on the album it’s a quieter acoustic recording. But it worked out because it’s an idea that ties everything nicely together at the end of the CD… for why we’re doing this recording, why we are this “Shameless Plug” for Jesus, and what we want to do with it.

‘Be known and lifted high above all else.’ is what we say in the bridge of this song.

We hope that as you listen to the album that the messages of these songs would resonate to you. From the faster energetic songs in the beginning to even this last song that’s more intimate and contemplative, let’s all remember who we’re living for and live for Him every day!

This is the last of the song blogs – hope you enjoyed them and are looking forward to the album release as much as we are!

Here I Stand
Words & Music by Andy Lee

Here I stand because of the cross
Healed and alive in You
Here I am, with chains broken off
A life lifted up to You

Ever will I follow You – You are all I want
God I need to be with You – Draw me to Your arms

For here in Your presence I’m free
The blood of Jesus was bled for me
Your grace and Your mercies are new
Each day I’m living for You

Here I rest when my soul is dry
Humbled beneath Your hand
I confess, I bow with my life
Here in Your grace I stand

Freedom reigns in this place
Come make this sacred space
Be known and lifted high
Above all else


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