Album Giveaway

What a great release week! Ever since last Tuesday you’ve made the release of our album Unending Praise so much fun, and we can’t thank you enough. Looking back at the process of writing these songs, recording, and producing… it’s crazy that we’re finally here now. You guys have been so encouraging and it’s made this week pretty amazing – thank you!

To further commemorate the release of Unending Praise, we’re having a giveaway for a few lucky winners in the following categories to get a free download of the album. Here are some ways you can win:

1) Click this link to our giveaway tweet on Twitter and Retweet it to your Followers!

2) Follow us on Twitter (If you’re already following us, you’re entered!)

3) Like us on Facebook and comment on the Album Giveaway post with something you like about the band or album (could be something as simple as your favorite song from the iTunes previews)

Winners from each category will be selected randomly. Increase your chances of winning by entering all 3 ways! But only one win per person for this giveaway. This giveaway will run for 1 week until April 2 (5pm EST) to give you plenty of time to enter. We can’t wait to keep sharing this music with you guys!


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