Cornerstone Church Retreat

Last weekend we had the privilege of joining Cornerstone Church on their family retreat (check out Dry Bones), leading praise for the adult congregation. We hadn’t seen many of them for almost 2 years so it was great to reconnect with them again!

It was actually so familiar that I almost forgot to introduce ourselves to them! (Just in case, although many probably knew us for the most part!)

Cornerstone has always been a blessing to us – a special close relationship that’s hard to match. They’ve always supported and encouraged us and this retreat was no different: I did an inventory check earlier this week to organize our merchandise and to my surprise, they nearly wiped us clean of our t-shirts! We only have 2 t-shirts left (both size S)! So if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy that t-shirt in small, now’s your chance…

Pretty soon we’ll have a new t-shirt design ready, so we hope you’re excited about that!

Meanwhile, if you’re in the Hasbrouck Heights area and are looking for a church, why don’t you check out Cornerstone Church?

Until next time, Cornerstone (hopefully sooner than later)!


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