Praise Night Tonight!

We’re wrapping up our 4 week School Of Worship today at KCCNJ and thought it would be appropriate to end the 4 week program with a night of worship. It’s also a great opportunity to bless the Lord, thank Him, and praise Him for this summer. For some of us that means going back to school, going to college for the first time, or the same old “continue going to work” routine! Whatever the case, come one and come all! It’ll be a night of celebration for all that God’s done, is doing, and will do. So we hope you can join us in making our praises loud tonight, 8pm!

On a side note, we’re not going to bring too much merch or advertise it later, but if you’ve been looking to grab some of the stuff in our Store but don’t want to pay for shipping, you can get ’em tonight. Just let us know on our Facebook wall so that we can make sure to bring what you’re looking for – come see us after the praise night if that’s you!


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