Dead In Our Sins

A couple of weeks ago, I had slept weird one night and developed an incredible back/shoulder pain that was so painful for at least 3 days… I hadn’t felt this sort of pain in my back for a few years! Usually it would stop by the end of the first day, but in this case it only got worse by the hour. Stretching, massages, aspirin, Icy Hot… nothing seemed to work.

Thankfully, it eventually healed thanks to prayer and diligence. I had to take it easy the next few days, but it made me think about how grateful I was for this life – I mean, if God is able to heal us from our hurt, illnesses, pain, injuries… He’s quite an awesome God!

But the Bible says that we were dead in our sins and God made us alive with Christ! Can you imagine? We were dead in our sins, dead in our old ways, dead in our old selves… but God, through grace, saved us and raised us up with Christ! How much more awesome, more merciful, more loving, and more amazing is our God now? It really puts into perspective the little things in our lives and amplifies the bigness of God that He ought to have in our lives.

Ephesians 2:1-10 is for anyone today who has any pain or hurt (not only physical) that is slowing them down from thanking the Lord, or worshiping Him wholly today. Remember that if God has made us alive in Christ, then we’re dead to our old ways and now living for Christ! We hope you can be joyful today in our God who is rich in mercy and grace!

Reflection Song: Christ Is


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