God Who Hears Me

In Genesis 16, Hagar (Sarai’s servant) is pregnant with Abram’s first son, Ishmael. But Hagar is mistreated by Sarai and runs away. An angel of the Lord finds Hagar and tells her to stop running away & to submit. Here she realizes God’s omniscience in her life and calls Him “God Who Sees Me” because God knows her inside & out through all the joys & troubles in her life.

We may face struggles and uncomfortable situations of our own, but have we realized God’s omniscience and presence in our own lives? Have you found God to be the one who sees you, hears you, knows you? He knows your life and circumstances, your past and future… So this song, “God Who Hears Me”, is us submitting & saying “yes” to our God who listens to us – our God who sacrificed His son for us – and so we sacrifice ourselves to Him.

Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for us and tearing down the veil (Matthew 27:45-56) so that we would have a means of communication with the Father… Jesus, we sing to You forever!

God Who Hears Me
Words & Music by Andy Lee

God who hears me, God who sees me
You search me and You know me
God who loves me, God who leads me
You paid the price for me

Jesus, we sing to You forever
Jesus, we sing to You forever
You’re our reward and our treasure
Yes, we give our lives to You

God who heals me, God who shields me
You hear my every call
God who made me, God who saves me
You sacrificed it all

To You alone, our God who hears us
To You alone, our God who’s near us
To You alone, our God who hears us
To You alone, our God who’s here with us


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