Advent Week 4 (2013)

In Luke 2:8-11, an angel of the Lord shares news to the shepherds. News that would cause great joy in us. News that would change us forever. News that Jesus is born!

Week 4 of Advent means that Christmas is near. It may not feel like it though because Thanksgiving was only 4 weeks ago, or because you still haven’t gone shopping yet, or because over here in the northeast we had unusually warm weather… (Maybe this is what Christmas in California feels like?) But soon we will be celebrating and giving glory to God in the highest for the gift of gifts – His one and only Son, and our Messiah: Jesus Christ!

We’ve enjoyed sharing our thoughts during this Advent season with you this year. Hopefully Christ won’t be the center of attention only during Christmas but every day as we live for Him. Just like we say in our song Unending Praise: Jesus, more than anything be our everything!

Reflection Song: Unending Praise

Advent Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4


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