Week 2 of Advent

Does anyone else feel like Christmas snuck up on us this year? It’s already Week 2 of Advent and there’s something about this time that makes it feel like the “calm before the storm”. Parents are still figuring out where to buy their children’s presents, bigger sales are about to take place, holiday traffic hasn’t really hit yet, etc. It just feels rather peaceful… for now.

But this kind of peace isn’t what we’re singing about when we say, “peace on earth, good will to men”. The peace that God supplies through His son Jesus Christ is so much greater: Jesus came to the earth to save us from sin and death once and for all! That’s a peace that can’t be matched because we have this peace now and forevermore.

Do you feel that peace in your life today?

It’s like that popular bumper sticker: No Christ, No Peace. Know Christ. Know Peace! As we continue this second week of Advent, be encouraged that the birth of Jesus on Christmas is also our peace. He isn’t called the Prince of Peace for nothing! Trust in Him and remember that nothing can separate us from the peace He gives, not even death!

Reflection Song: You Are Greater


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