Week 4 of Advent

I don’t know about you, but our Christmas Sunday was filled with Christmas worship songs, new and old. It was a wonderful time of glorifying and loving our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we draw nearer to Christmas in this last week of Advent, let us focus on the love and presence of the Savior. His arrival is that much closer today – and since Week 1 of Advent, what have we done to prepare the way?

We’re very much looking forward to the birth of Jesus! As you may already know, Jesus is called Immanuel/Emmanuel (God with us, Matthew 1:23). In what ways are you allowing God to be with you this Christmas season, and how will you open up new avenues in your life for Him to be more present in 2015?

In this world, doors of opportunity are constantly opening and closing but remember that His love is unfailing and true. Presents are great and a fun way to show “holiday cheer” but while these presents that come & go, God’s presence is always with us. We pray that you have a great Christmas this year with your family & friends, remembering the significance of Jesus’ birth, and have a happy new year as well!

Reflection Song: Here I Stand


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