God Our King Pre-Order

First, a public service announcement: A little while back we started a second Kickstarter campaign for our next studio album. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the project early, so it is currently on hold. We apologize for the delay but we hope to have an update for you soon when we launch it back up! For those who pledged, since it was ended early, your accounts were not charged.

But now for the good news! Though it was originally one of the Kickstarter rewards, we are going to offer it in our store a couple weeks early: Officially releasing June 2, you can pre-order our limited edition EP, God Our King, today! Featuring some new songs and remixes, this 5-song EP will be a great listen for your trip to the beach this summer. Head over to our store to get it in advance, or swing by our next event’s merch table!

God Our King


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